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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Apart from wasting our money on dozens of disposable face masks, there are many other important reasons why we shouldn't be using disposable face masks. The most obvious reason is to not use up the hospitals supply of medical face masks. Medical face masks are for our frontline workers, not for our trip to the supermarket. While it may seem like a nice and easy option to use these face masks because they are cheap, you need to think about where these disposable face masks end up after you use them.

The Guardian recently published an article on the impact that disposable face masks and gloves are having on our oceans. The article, titled, 'More masks than jellyfish', is a wake up call for all of us to be more responsible when it comes to protecting not only ourselves, but also our planet.

While we should always try our best to maintain social distancing, there are times when it's difficult to do so and we hope our masks can put you at ease and help protect yourself and others. Our masks are made in accordance with the Irish Government Guidelines on face barrier masks. Check out our selection of affordable reusable face masks.

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